Hill, Mayota Willette. (active Pittsburgh, PA, 2014)

Bibliography and Exhibitions



JOHANNESBURG (South Africa). International Quilt Conference.
Conscience of the Human Spirit: The Life of Nelson Mandela.
July, 2014.
Group exhibition of 80 quilts honoring Nelson Mandela (51 by U.S. artists.) Organized by the Michigan State University Museum of Art and the Women of Color Quilters Network. Included: Regina Abernathy, Allyson Allen, Renee M. Allen, Gwendolyn Aqui-Brooks, Carol Beck, Julius Bremer, Dorothy Burge, Bisa Butler, Helen Butler, Cynthia H. Catlin, Andrena Stoddard Coleman, Marion Coleman, Laura Croom, Carolyn Crump, Adriene Cruz, Jacqueline Dukes, Elmira Essex-Sizemore, Ife Felix, Deborah Fell, Michelle Flamer, Marjorie Diggs Freeman, Laura Gadson, Pamela George-Valone, Rose Mary Green, Sandra M. Hankins, Peggie Hartwell, Marla A. Jackson, Gloria Kellon, Jacqueline Johnson, Sharon Kerry-Harlan, Betty Leacraft, Harriette Alford Meriwether, Patricia A. Montgomery, Phina Nkosi and Vangile Zulu, Sandra E. Noble, Marlene O'Bryant-Seabrook, Valarie Pratt Poitier, Latifah Shakir, Denise M. Sheridan, April Shipp, Carole Gary Staples, Valerie C. White, Sauda A. Zahra, Sabrina Zarco, et al. [Traveled to: National Afro American Museum and Cultural Center, Wilberforce, OH, April 7-October 7, 2016.]

Journey of Hope: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama.
Voyageur Press, 2010.
216 pp. exhib. cat., color illus. of 200+ quilts. Texts by Carolyn L. Mazloomi; foreword by Meg Cox. [Curated by Caroline Mazloomi, the exhibition opened with 16 quilts in Yokohama, Japan at the 2009 Yokohama Quilt Show; the full exhibition opened at the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, Wilberforce, OH, December 18, 2009-December 18, 2010; Hampton University, Hampton, VA, May 22-June 30, 2013; and the DuSable Museum, Chicago, IL.] 4to (10.4 x 8.9 in.), wraps.

PITTSBURGH (PA). August Wilson Center for African American Culture.
Common Ground; Affrilacia! Where I'm From.
Thru March 17, 2012.
Group exhibition of 46 works by 31 artists. Organized by Cecile Shellman, Sharif Bey and Marie Cochran. Included: Christine Bethea, Tina Brewer, Mayota Hill, Tina Brewer, Willis (Bing) Davis, Rosa Eugene, Sandra K. German, Vanessa L. German, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Sammie Nicely, Kelly Phelps, Kyle Phelps, LaVon Van Williams, Jr., et al.

PITTSBURGH (PA). August Wilson Center for Art and Culture.
Thru February 16, 2008.
Group exhibition of 18 African American women artists working in all media. Curated by Cecile Shellman and Marica Jackson. Included: Joyce Baucum, Delores Currin, Mayota Hill, Marica Jackson, Charlotte Ka, Laverne Kemp, Mary Martin, Harriette Meriwether, and Adrienne Powers.

PITTSBURGH (PA). Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.
February 7-April 19, 2009.
Exhib. cat., illus. Curated by Cathleen Richardson Bailey. Included "Orisa in the New World" - an altarpiece by Temujin Ekunfeo, Cathleen Richardson Bailey and Celeta Hickman, and works by the Society of Yoruba Bead Artists. Artists included: Atticus Adams, Cathleen Richardson Bailey, Carolyn Prince Batchelor, Ken Beer, Christine McCray Bethea, Anne Bouie, Irene Dorman, Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Marsha Ekunfeo, Temujin Ekunfeo, Dena Gershon, Celeta R. Hickman, Mayota Hill, Samara Kaufman, (Chicago, IL), Annette Labedzki), (Vancouver, BC), Barbara Patterson Mackey, Penny Mateer (Pittsburgh, PA), Elaine Parker (Decatur, GA), Terri Perpich (Vandergrift, PA), Jeri C Pollock (Mundelein, IL), Darlene Durrwachter Rushing, Sally Sellers, (Vancouver, WA), John F. Sirianni, (Pittsburgh, PA), Gail Skudera, (Lewisburg, PA), Teresa Sullivan, (Portland, OR), Paula Weiner, (Pittsburgh, PA), In the Gift Shop: local Pittsburgh artists: Kim L. Flurry, LaKeisha Wolf, Beverly J. Parker.

WILBERFORCE (OH). National Afro-American Museum and Culture Center.
Black Heritage Through Visual Rhythms.
November 1, 2013-January 31, 2014.
Group exhibition. Included: Curtis Barnes, Alice Beasley, Tasha Beckwith, Garry Bibbs, David Buttram, Ronald Claxton, Abner Cope, Andrea Cummings, Dwayne Daniel, Clifford Darrett, Derrick Davis, Willis Bing Davis, Shellee Fisher, Frank DeBose, Gregory DeGroat, Lenin Delsol, Lessie Venardo Dixon, Gilbert Fletcher, Lois Fortson, Adrienne Gaither, Erin Smith-Glenn, Lobyn Hamilton, Al Harden, Kevin Harris, Carl Hazlewood, Lillian Herbert, Frank Hightower, Mayota Hill, Joe F. Howard, Morris Howard, D. DelReverda-Jennings, Pepper Johnson, Kojo Kamau, Aubrey Kauffman, Wendy Kendrick, Robert E. Lee, Cynthia Lockhart, Betty Mitchell, Kanu Onwukwe, James Pate, Kyle & Kelly Phelps, Corey Pickett, Paula Ramey, William Rasdell, Bruce Robinson, Antoinette Savage, Craig Screven, Roderick Trabue, Aaron Truesdell, Beverly Whiteside, Debra Richardson-Woods, Carol White.