Zabeirou, Malam. (b. Nigeria; active Nigeria, 2002)

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An Anthology of African Art: the Twentieth Century.
Paris: Revue Noire Editions and New York: DAP, 2002.
407 pp., 500 color plates, 51 b&w illus., bibliog., index. Contents: Postulates and Convictions / Jean Loup Pivin; Geographical and Cultural Areas / Elikia M'Bokolo; Territory of Forms / Etienne Feau; Ritual Practices in Movement / Etienne Feau; Neo-Christian Folk Art in Ethiopia / Richard Pankhurst; A City of Boundless Expressions / Jean Loup Pivin; Birth of the Colonial Cities / Elikia M'Bokolo; Neo-Traditional Sculpture in Nigeria / John Picton - Ibrahim Njoya; Master of Bamoun Drawing / Alexandra Loumpet-Galitzine; Representation and Advertising / Till Forster and Benetta Jules-Rosette; The "Souweres" / Marie-Helene Boisdur de Toffol; Coffins and Funeral Art / John Picton; Messenger Artists / Jean Loup Pivin; The Artist's Invention / Jean Loup Pivin; First Movements in the Belgian Congo / Jean-Luc Vellut and Sabine Cornelis; The 30s in Lagos, Nigeria / Sylvester Ogbechie; The Poto-Poto School, Congo / Joanna Grabski; The New Moderns of Ghana / Joseph Gazari Seini; The Oshogbo School, Nigeria / Sigrid Horsch-Albert; Modern Art at the Makerere University, Uganda / George Kyeyune; Two Schools in Zimbabwe / Yvone Vera; The Precursors of South Africa / Marylin Martin; The Daydream of a New Africa / Jean Loup Pivin; The Independence Movements: A Birth More Than a Rebirth / Elikia M'Bokolo; The First International Festival of Black Arts, Dakar, 1966 / Ousmane Sow Huchard; Cultural Policy in Senegal / Marie-Helene Boisdur de Toffol; The Black Caribbean School and the Vohou-Vohou Movement / Marie-Helene Boisdur de Toffol; Period of Structuring in Makerere, Uganda / George Kyeyune; Zaria Art Society and the Uli Movement, Nigeria / Sylvester Ogbechie; Continuity and Rupture in South Africa / Marylin Martin and Gavin Younge; Doubt Sets In ... / Jean Loup Pivin; A Chiaroscuro Look at 15 Years of Independence / Elikia M'Bokolo; Teaching the Arts and Academism / Joazinho Francisco Ayi d'Almeida; Burkina Faso: From Social Art to Private Initiatives / Blaise Patrix; Zaria, Nsukka and the Lagos, Nigeria Arts Festival / Sylvester Ogbechie; Upheaval in East Africa / George Kyeyune; Art Training in Kenya and Tanzania / Sunanda K. Sanyal; Ethiopia: The Fine Arts School and the Socialist Revolution / Konjit Seyoun; Kitsch and Political Manipulation in Angola / Adriano Mixingue; Painting and Liberation Movements in Mozambique / Thierry Payet; "Resistance Art" in South Africa / Sue Williamson; Tradition and the 20th Century / John Picton; The Illusion at Interbreeding / Joelle Busca; Art and Style / Simon Njami; Past-Apartheid South Africa / Marylin Martin; Migrations and Convergences / N'Gone Fall; A Chronology of African Art Events. Large 4to (33 cm.; 12.7 x 9.5 in.), cloth, d.j. First ed.