Brown, Mary Lue. (1891-1979)

Bibliography and Exhibitions



LOS ANGELES (CA). California African American Museum.
Traditions in Cloth: Afro American Quilts / West African Textiles.
January 5-March 29, 1986.
22 pp., color illus. Pref. by Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins; intro. by Cuesta Benberry; texts by Maude Wahlman ("Continuities Between African Textiles and Afro-American Quilts.") and Eli Leon. Artists mentioned include: Yellow Bill (a quiltmaker slave), Angelia Tobias, coverlets and quilts by Martha and George Washington's slaves; Elizabeth Keckly, Harriet Powers, Annie Dennis, Emma Russell, Betty Tolbert, Charles Palmer, Gussie Wells, Cara Girard, Arbie Williams, Mary Lue Brown, Cora Lee Hall, Martha Hart Williams. 4to, wraps.

SAN FRANCISCO (CA). Craft & Folk Art Museum.
Who'd a Thought it: Improvisation in African-American Quiltmaking.
December 31, 1987-February 28, 1988.
88 pp. exhib. cat., 94 illus., including 48 mostly full-page color plates, plus 30 reference illus. including photos of the quiltmakers, biogs., notes, bibliog. Texts by Robert Farris Thompson and Eli Leon. A major contribution to the consideration of traditional heritage vs. personal innovation in the African American quiltmaking tradition. Artists include: Irene Bankhead, Cora Lee Hall Brown, Mary Lue Brown, Monin Brown, Sherry Byrd, Charles Cater, Alberta Collins, Odessa Doby, Willia Ette Graham, Emma Hall, Bettie Phillips, Mattie Pickett, Eula Thomas, Angelia Tobias, Rosie Lee Tompkins, Gussie Wells, Arbie Williams, et al. Traveling exhibition. [Review: Ann Barry, NYT, November 16, 1989.] 4to, wraps. First ed.

WINSTON-SALEM (NC). Diggs Gallery, Winston-Salem State University.
Models in the Mind: African Prototypes in American Patchwork.
42 pp. exhib. cat., illus., biogs. with photos of most of the quiltmakers, bibliog. Text by Eli Leon noting numerous parallels between African fabric motifs and familiar American patchwork designs. Quiltmakers mentioned include: Irene Bankhead, Cora Lee Hall Brown, Mary Lue Brown, Sherry Byrd, Charles Cater, Willie Mae Chatman, Laura Jackson Culp, Aurelia Foster, Willia Ette Graham, Emily Kirby, Ernestine Jordan, Carrie Sue Lewis, Rose R. McDowell, Bessie Moore, Dymon Moreland, Bettie Phillips, Mattie Pickett, Lucy Sims, Anny Bell Simon, Flossie Sullivan, Maple Swift, Mary Thompson, Rosie Lee Tompkins, Sarah Turnage (no photo), Johnnie A. Wade, Maudra Walker, Rosalyn Walker (no photo), Gussie Wells, Arbie Williams. [Traveled to Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, CA, 1994.] 4to, wraps.