Fields, Violet Yvonne. (b. Berkeley, CA, 1951; active Oakland, CA, 1995)

Bibliography and Exhibitions


San Francisco (CA). Meridian Gallery.
VIOLET FIELDS: Reading the Spoken Word.
June 7-29, 1991.
Solo exhibition of recent paintings and constructions.


KING-HAMMOND, LESLIE and bell hooks.
Gumbo Ya Ya: An Anthology of Contemporary African American Women Artists.
New York: Midmarch Arts Press, 1995.
351 pp., over 300 illus. (11 in color), photo and /or illus., biogs., exhibs., and brief critical text for each artist, index. Intro. by Leslie King-Hammond. Essential reference listing of 152 women artists with brief entries by African American scholars and curators; more than a dozen others are mentioned in passing (see below primary list.) It should be mentioned that most performance artists, filmmakers, video artists, folk artists, quilters, most photographers, illustrators, and other categories such as the entire new generation of artists established in the decade preceding publication are omitted. Artists included in the primary listings: Emma Amos, Rose Auld, Xenobia Bailey, Mildred Baldwin, Ellen Banks, Trena Banks, Phoebe Beasley, Camille Billops, Betty Blayton, Lula Mae Blocton, Kabuya P. Bowens, Brenda Branch, Kay Brown, Vivian E. Browne, Beverly Buchanan, Selma Burke, Millie Burns, Margaret Burroughs, Carole Byard, Carol Ann Carter, Nanette Carter, Yvonne Pickering Carter, Yvonne Catchings, Elizabeth Catlett, Catti, Robin Chandler, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Marie Cochran, Virginia Cox, Pat Cummings, Mary Reed Daniel, Juette Day, Nadine DeLawrence, Julee Dickerson-Thompson, Marita Dingus, Yanla Dozier, Tina Dunkley, Malaika Favorite, Violet Fields, Ibibio Fundi, Olivia Gatewood, Jan Spivey Gilchrist, Michele Godwin, Gladys Barker Grauer, Renée Green, Ethel Guest, Cheryl Hanna, Inge Hardison, Bessie Harvey, Maren Hassinger, Cynthia Hawkins, Janet Henry, Candace Hill-Montgomery, Adrienne Hoard, Robin Holder, Jenelsie Holloway, Jacqui Holmes, Varnette Honeywood, Mildred Howard, Margo Humphrey, Irmagean, Suzanne Jackson, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Marie Johnson-Calloway, Marva Lee Pitchford Jolly, Lois Mailou Jones, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Kai Kambel, Margaret Slade Kelly, Gwendolyn Knight, Ruth Lampkins, Artis Lane, Viola Leak, Dori Lemeh, Mary Le Ravin, Rosalind Letcher, Edmonia Lewis, Samella Lewis, Marcia Lloyd, Fern Logan, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Valerie Maynard, Dindga McCannon, Geraldine McCullough, Vivian McDuffie, Joanne McFarland, Vicki Meek, Yvonne Meo, Eva Hamlin Miller, Corinne Howard Mitchell, Evangeline Montgomery, Norma Morgan, Lillian Morgan-Lewis, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, Deborah Muirhead, Sana Musasama, Marilyn Nance, Senga Nengudi, Lorraine O'Grady, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Winifred Owens-Hart, Sandra Payne, Janet Taylor Pickett, Delilah Williams Pierce, Howardena Pindell, Adrian Piper, Rose Piper, Stephanie Pogue, Georgette Seabrooke Powell, Debra Priestly, Mavis Pusey, Helen Ramsaran, Patricia Ravarra, Faith Ringgold, Malkia Roberts, Aminah Robinson, Sandra Rowe, Alison Saar, Betye Saar, Eve Sandler, Joanne Scott, Joyce J. Scott, Cheryl Shackleton, Yolanda Sharpe, Gail Shaw-Clemons, Jewel Simon, Coreen Simpson, Lorna Simpson, Clarissa Sligh, Gilda Snowden, Sylvia Snowden, Shirley Stark, Janet Stewart, Renée Stout, Elisabeth Sunday, Ann Tanksley, Vivian Tanner, Anna Tate, Evelyn Terry, Freida High Tesfagiorgis, Alma Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Mildred Thompson, Renée Townsend, Yvonne Tucker, Ruth Waddy, Denise Ward-Brown, Fan Warren, Bisa Washington, Mary Washington, Joyce Wellman, Adell Westbrook, Linda Whitaker, Pat Ward Williams, Philemona Williamson, Deborah Willis, Shirley Woodson, [OTHERS mentioned in passing or in footnotes include the following: May Howard Jackson, Meta Warrick Fuller, Nancy Elizabeth Prophet, Annie Walker, Laura Waring, Irene Clark, Clementine Hunter, Harriet Powers, Gladys-Marie Fry, Cuesta Benberry, Rosalind Jeffries [as Roslind], Sister Gertrude Morgan, Inez Nathaniel-Walker, Nellie Mae Rowe, Mary T. Smith, Grannie Dear Williams. Mentions artists the editors hoped to include, but who weren't for various reasons: Amalia Amaki, Jacqueline Bontemps, Ora Williams Carter, Marva Cremer, Pat Davis, Terry Furchgott, Kira Harris, Ruth Beckman Holloman, May Howard, Dolores Johnson, Jean Lacy, Toni Lane, Laurie Ourlicht, Virginia Smit, Ming Smith, Phyllis Thompson, Deborah Wilkins, and Viola M. Wood.] 4to (11 x 8.5 in ), wraps. First ed.

LOS ANGELES (CA). California African American Museum.
Emerging Artists: New Expressions.
September 7, 1990-March 3, 1991.
Unpag. exhib. cat., mostly color illus. Curated and text by Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins. Includes: Ronald Corbin, Darrell Evers, Violet Fields, Todd Gray, Mildred Howard, Keith Antar Mason, Willie Robert Middlebrook, Alfonzo Moret, Rufus Snoddy, Therman Statom, Elaine Towns, Frank Williams, et al. 4to (19 x 25 cm.), wraps.

LOS ANGELES (CA). California African American Museum.
Visual Rhythms.
April 26-July 1, 2012.
Group exhibition of new museum acquisitions. Included: Benny Andrews, Phoebe Beasley, Frederick J. Brown, Edward Clark, Michael Cummings, Jacques Enguerrand-Gourgue, Violet Fields, Dominique Moody, Joe Overstreet, Alma Thomas, Matthew Thomas, Walter H. Williams, Purvis Young, et al.

SAN FRANCISCO (CA). Emanuel Walter Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute.
Other Sources: An American Essay.
September 17-November 7, 1976.
Bicentennial exhibition of "third world" art curated by Carlos Villa. 99 b&w illus. Texts by Paul Kagawa, A. M. Gordon, L Andrews, Raymond Mondini, Rupert Garcia, statements by T. Albright, F. Martin, T. Shere, interviews, artists' statements, poetry, etc. 76 African American, Asian-American and Chicano/Chicana artists. Black artists included: Kirk Allen, Cleveland Bellow, Claude Clark, Jr., Marva Cremer, Robert Colescott, Urania Cummings, Doyle Foreman, Allen M Gordon, Robert Gordon, Violet Fields, Michael Greene, Mike Henderson, Oliver Jackson, Marie Johnson, Alex McMath, Arthur Monroe, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Raymond Saunders, Horace Washington, Deborah J. Wilkins, Deborah Wilson, Caleb Williams. Also mentioned although not in exhibition: Dewey Crumpler and Aaron Miller. Small sq. 4to, pictorial wraps. Cover design by Wilfred Owen Brigade.

SANTA MONICA (CA). M. Hanks Gallery.
Masterpieces of African American Art: An African American Perspective.
January 22-March 29, 2003.
58 pp. exhib. cat., illus. of 28 works by 15 artists, checklist, biogs. Intro. by Sybilla Nash; interview of Marlena Williams by Eric Hanks; poems by Lynne Thompson (inspired by visual works of art.) Includes: Romare Bearden, Phoebe Beasley, Violet Fields, Meta Warrick Fuller, Palmer Hayden, Marie Johnson-Calloway, Gary Eugene Jefferson, Lawrence Jones, Artis Lane, Jerome Meadows, John Offutt, John Outterbridge, William Pajaud, John Riddle, Walter Williams. Sq. 8vo (23 cm.), wraps. First ed.

The Black Artist in America: An Index to Reproductions.
Metuchen: Scarecrow Press, 1991.
Includes: index to Black artists, bibliography (including doctoral dissertations and audiovisual materials.) Many of the dozens of spelling errors and incomplete names have been corrected in this entry and names of known white artists omitted from our entry, but errors may still exist in this entry, so beware: Jesse Aaron, Charles Abramson, Maria Adair, Lauren Adam, Ovid P. Adams, Ron Adams, Terry Adkins, (Jonathan) Ta Coumba T. Aiken, Jacques Akins, Lawrence E. Alexander, Tina Allen, Pauline Alley-Barnes, Charles Alston, Frank Alston, Charlotte Amevor, Emma Amos (Levine), Allie Anderson, Benny Andrews, Edmund Minor Archer, Pastor Argudin y Pedroso [as Y. Pedroso Argudin], Anna Arnold, Ralph Arnold, William Artis, Kwasi Seitu Asante [as Kwai Seitu Asantey], Steve Ashby, Rose Auld, Ellsworth Ausby, Henry Avery, Charles Axt, Roland Ayers, Annabelle Bacot, Calvin Bailey, Herman Kofi Bailey, Malcolm Bailey, Annabelle Baker, E. Loretta Ballard, Jene Ballentine, Casper Banjo, Bill Banks, Ellen Banks, John W. Banks, Henry Bannarn, Edward Bannister, Curtis R. Barnes, Ernie Barnes, James MacDonald Barnsley, Richmond Barthé, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Daniel Carter Beard, Romare Bearden, Phoebe Beasley, Falcon Beazer, Arthello Beck, Sherman Beck, Cleveland Bellow, Gwendolyn Bennett, Herbert Bennett, Ed Bereal, Arthur Berry, Devoice Berry, Ben Bey, John Biggers, Camille Billops, Willie Birch, Eloise Bishop, Robert Blackburn, Tarleton Blackwell, Lamont K. Bland, Betty Blayton, Gloria Bohanon, Hawkins Bolden, Leslie Bolling, Shirley Bolton, Higgins Bond, Erma Booker, Michael Borders, Ronald Boutte, Siras Bowens, Lynn Bowers, Frank Bowling, David Bustill Bowser, David Patterson Boyd, David Bradford, Harold Bradford, Peter Bradley, Fred Bragg, Winston Branch, Brumsic Brandon, James Brantley, William Braxton, Bruce Brice, Arthur Britt, James Britton, Sylvester Britton, Moe Brooker, Bernard Brooks, Mable Brooks, Oraston Brooks-el, David Scott Brown, Elmer Brown, Fred Brown, Frederick Brown, Grafton Brown, James Andrew Brown, Joshua Brown, Kay Brown, Marvin Brown, Richard Brown, Samuel Brown, Vivian Browne, Henry Brownlee, Beverly Buchanan, Selma Burke, Arlene Burke-Morgan, Calvin Burnett, Margaret Burroughs, Cecil Burton, Charles Burwell, Nathaniel Bustion, David Butler, Carole Byard, Albert Byrd, Walter Cade, Joyce Cadoo, Bernard Cameron, Simms Campbell, Frederick Campbell, Thomas Cannon (as Canon), Nicholas Canyon, John Carlis, Arthur Carraway, Albert Carter, Allen Carter, George Carter, Grant Carter, Ivy Carter, Keithen Carter, Robert Carter, William Carter, Yvonne Carter, George Washington Carver, Bernard Casey, Yvonne Catchings, Elizabeth Catlett, Frances Catlett, Mitchell Caton, Catti, Charlotte Chambless, Dana Chandler, John Chandler, Robin Chandler, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Kitty Chavis, Edward Christmas, Petra Cintron, George Clack, Claude Clark Sr., Claude Lockhart Clark, Edward Clark, Irene Clark, LeRoy Clarke, Pauline Clay, Denise Cobb, Gylbert Coker, Marion Elizabeth Cole, Archie Coleman, Floyd Coleman, Donald Coles, Robert Colescott, Carolyn Collins, Paul Collins, Richard Collins, Samuel Collins, Don Concholar, Wallace Conway, Houston Conwill, William A. Cooper, Arthur Coppedge, Jean Cornwell, Eldzier Cortor, Samuel Countee, Harold Cousins, Cleo Crawford, Marva Cremer, Ernest Crichlow, Norma Criss, Allan Rohan Crite, Harvey Cropper, Geraldine Crossland, Rushie Croxton, Doris Crudup, Dewey Crumpler, Emilio Cruz, Charles Cullen (White artist), Vince Cullers, Michael Cummings, Urania Cummings, DeVon Cunningham, Samuel Curtis, William Curtis, Artis Dameron, Mary Reed Daniel, Aaron Darling, Alonzo Davis, Bing Davis, Charles Davis, Dale Davis, Rachel Davis, Theresa Davis, Ulysses Davis, Walter Lewis Davis, Charles C. Davis, William Dawson, Juette Day, Roy DeCarava, Avel DeKnight, Beauford Delaney, Joseph Delaney, Nadine Delawrence, Louis Delsarte, Richard Dempsey, J. Brooks Dendy, III (as Brooks Dendy), James Denmark, Murry DePillars, Joseph DeVillis, Robert D'Hue, Kenneth Dickerson, Voris Dickerson, Charles Dickson, Frank Dillon, Leo Dillon, Robert Dilworth, James Donaldson, Jeff Donaldson, Lillian Dorsey, William Dorsey, Aaron Douglas, Emory Douglas, Calvin Douglass, Glanton Dowdell, John Dowell, Sam Doyle, David Driskell, Ulric S. Dunbar, Robert Duncanson, Eugenia Dunn, John Morris Dunn, Edward Dwight, Adolphus Ealey, Lawrence Edelin, William Edmondson, Anthony Edwards, Melvin Edwards, Eugene Eda [as Edy], John Elder, Maurice Ellison, Walter Ellison, Mae Engron, Annette Easley, Marion Epting, Melvyn Ettrick (as Melvin), Clifford Eubanks, Minnie Evans, Darrell Evers, Frederick Eversley, Cyril Fabio, James Fairfax, Kenneth Falana, Josephus Farmer, John Farrar, William Farrow, Malaika Favorite, Elton Fax, Tom Feelings, Claude Ferguson, Violet Fields, Lawrence Fisher, Thomas Flanagan, Walter Flax, Frederick Flemister, Mikelle Fletcher, Curt Flood, Batunde Folayemi, George Ford, Doyle Foreman, Leroy Foster, Walker Foster, John Francis, Richard Franklin, Ernest Frazier, Allan Freelon, Gloria Freeman, Pam Friday, John Fudge, Meta Fuller, Ibibio Fundi, Ramon Gabriel, Alice Gafford, West Gale, George Gamble, Reginald Gammon, Christine Gant, Jim Gary, Adolphus Garrett, Leroy Gaskin, Lamerol Gatewood, Herbert Gentry, Joseph Geran, Ezekiel Gibbs, William Giles, Sam Gilliam, Robert Glover, William Golding, Paul Goodnight, Erma Gordon, L. T. Gordon, Robert Gordon, Russell Gordon, Rex Goreleigh, Bernard Goss, Joe Grant, Oscar Graves, Todd Gray, Annabelle Green, James Green, Jonathan Green, Robert Green, Donald Greene, Michael Greene, Joseph Grey, Charles Ron Griffin, Eugene Grigsby, Raymond Grist, Michael Gude, Ethel Guest, John Hailstalk, Charles Haines, Horathel Hall, Karl Hall, Wesley Hall, Edward Hamilton, Eva Hamlin-Miller, David Hammons, James Hampton, Phillip Hampton, Marvin Harden, Inge Hardison, John Hardrick, Edwin Harleston, William Harper, Hugh Harrell, Oliver Harrington, Gilbert Harris, Hollon Harris, John Harris, Scotland J. B. Harris, Warren Harris, Bessie Harvey, Maren Hassinger, Cynthia Hawkins (as Thelma), William Hawkins, Frank Hayden, Kitty Hayden, Palmer Hayden, William Hayden, Vertis Hayes, Anthony Haynes, Wilbur Haynie, Benjamin Hazard, June Hector, Dion Henderson, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, William Henderson, Barkley Hendricks, Gregory A. Henry, Robert Henry, Ernest Herbert, James Herring, Mark Hewitt, Leon Hicks, Renalda Higgins, Hector Hill, Felrath Hines, Alfred Hinton, Tim Hinton, Adrienne Hoard, Irwin Hoffman, Raymond Holbert, Geoffrey Holder, Robin Holder, Lonnie Holley, Alvin Hollingsworth, Eddie Holmes, Varnette Honeywood, Earl J. Hooks, Ray Horner, Paul Houzell, Helena Howard, Humbert Howard, John Howard, Mildred Howard, Raymond Howell, William Howell, Calvin Hubbard, Henry Hudson, Julien Hudson, James Huff, Manuel Hughes, Margo Humphrey, Raymond Hunt, Richard Hunt, Clementine Hunter, Elliott Hunter, Arnold Hurley, Bill Hutson, Zell Ingram, Sue Irons, A. B. Jackson, Gerald Jackson, Harlan Jackson, Hiram Jackson, May Jackson, Oliver Jackson, Robert Jackson, Suzanne Jackson, Walter Jackson, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Bob James, Wadsworth Jarrell, Jasmin Joseph [as Joseph Jasmin], Archie Jefferson, Rosalind Jeffries, Noah Jemison, Barbara Fudge Jenkins, Florian Jenkins, Chester Jennings, Venola Jennings, Wilmer Jennings, Georgia Jessup, Johana, Daniel Johnson, Edith Johnson, Harvey Johnson, Herbert Johnson, Jeanne Johnson, Malvin Gray Johnson, Marie Johnson-Calloway, Milton Derr (as Milton Johnson), Sargent Johnson, William H. Johnson, Joshua Johnston, Ben Jones, Calvin Jones, Dorcas Jones, Frank A. Jones, Frederick D. Jones, Jr. (as Frederic Jones), Henry B. Jones, Johnny Jones, Lawrence Arthur Jones, Leon Jones, Lois Mailou Jones, Nathan Jones, Tonnie Jones, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Jack Jordan, Cliff Joseph, Ronald Joseph, Lemuel Joyner, Edward Judie, Michael Kabu, Arthur Kaufman, Charles Keck, Paul Keene, John Kendrick, Harriet Kennedy, Leon Kennedy, Joseph Kersey; Virginia Kiah, Henri King, James King, Gwendolyn Knight, Robert Knight, Lawrence Kolawole, Brenda Lacy, (Laura) Jean Lacy, Roy LaGrone, Artis Lane, Doyle Lane, Raymond Lark, Carolyn Lawrence, Jacob Lawrence, James Lawrence, Clarence Lawson, Louis LeBlanc, James Lee, Hughie Lee-Smith, Lizetta LeFalle-Collins, Leon Leonard, Bruce LeVert, Edmonia Lewis, Edwin E. Lewis, Flora Lewis, James E. Lewis, Norman Lewis, Roy Lewis, Samella Lewis, Elba Lightfoot, Charles Lilly [as Lily], Arturo Lindsay, Henry Linton, Jules Lion, James Little, Marcia Lloyd, Tom Lloyd, Jon Lockard, Donald Locke, Lionel Lofton, Juan Logan, Bert Long, Willie Longshore, Edward Loper, Francisco Lord, Jesse Lott, Edward Love, Nina Lovelace, Whitfield Lovell, Alvin Loving, Ramon Loy, William Luckett, John Lutz, Don McAllister, Theadius McCall, Dindga McCannon, Edward McCluney, Jesse McCowan, Sam McCrary, Geraldine McCullough, Lawrence McGaugh, Charles McGee, Donald McIlvaine, Karl McIntosh, Joseph Mack, Edward McKay, Thomas McKinney, Alexander McMath, Robert McMillon, William McNeil, Lloyd McNeill, Clarence Major, William Majors, David Mann, Ulysses Marshall, Phillip Lindsay Mason, Lester Mathews, Sharon Matthews, William (Bill) Maxwell, Gordon Mayes, Marietta Mayes, Richard Mayhew, Valerie Maynard, Victoria Meek, Leon Meeks, Yvonne Meo, Helga Meyer, Gaston Micheaux, Charles Mickens, Samuel Middleton, Onnie Millar, Aaron Miller, Algernon Miller, Don Miller, Earl Miller, Eva Hamlin Miller, Guy Miller, Julia Miller, Charles Milles, Armsted Mills, Edward Mills, Lev Mills, Priscilla Mills (P'lla), Carol Mitchell, Corinne Mitchell, Tyrone Mitchell, Arthur Monroe, Elizabeth Montgomery, Ronald Moody, Ted Moody, Frank Moore, Ron Moore, Sabra Moore, Theophilus Moore, William Moore, Leedell Moorehead, Scipio Moorhead, Clarence Morgan, Norma Morgan, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Patricia Morris, Keith Morrison, Lee Jack Morton, Jimmie Mosely, David Mosley, Lottie Moss, Archibald Motley, Hugh Mulzac, Betty Murchison, J. B. Murry, Teixera Nash, Inez Nathaniel, Frank Neal, George Neal, Jerome Neal, Robert Neal, Otto Neals, Robert Newsome, James Newton, Rochelle Nicholas, John Nichols, Isaac Nommo, Oliver Nowlin, Trudell Obey, Constance Okwumabua, Osira Olatunde, Kermit Oliver, Yaounde Olu, Ademola Olugebefola, Mary O'Neal, Haywood Oubré, Simon Outlaw, John Outterbridge, Joseph Overstreet, Carl Owens, Winnie Owens-Hart, Lorenzo Pace, William Pajaud, Denise Palm, James Pappas, Christopher Parks, James Parks, Louise Parks, Vera Parks, Oliver Parson, James Pate, Edgar Patience, John Payne, Leslie Payne, Sandra Peck, Alberto Pena, Angela Perkins, Marion Perkins, Michael Perry, Bertrand Phillips, Charles James Phillips, Harper Phillips, Ted Phillips, Delilah Pierce, Elijah Pierce, Harold Pierce, Anderson Pigatt, Stanley Pinckney, Howardena Pindell, Elliott Pinkney, Jerry Pinkney, Robert Pious, Adrian Piper, Horace Pippin, Betty Pitts, Stephanie Pogue, Naomi Polk, Charles Porter, James Porter, Georgette Powell, Judson Powell, Richard Powell, Daniel Pressley, Leslie Price, Ramon Price, Nelson Primus, Arnold Prince, E. (Evelyn?) Proctor, Nancy Prophet, Ronnie Prosser, William Pryor, Noah Purifoy, Florence Purviance, Martin Puryear, Mavis Pusey, Teodoro Ramos Blanco y Penita, Helen Ramsaran, Joseph Randolph; Thomas Range, Frank Rawlings, Jennifer Ray, Maxine Raysor, Patrick Reason, Roscoe Reddix, Junius Redwood, James Reed, Jerry Reed, Donald Reid, O. Richard Reid, Robert Reid, Leon Renfro, John Rhoden, Ben Richardson, Earle Richardson, Enid Richardson, Gary Rickson, John Riddle, Gregory Ridley, Faith Ringgold, Haywood Rivers, Arthur Roach, Malkia Roberts, Royal Robertson, Aminah Robinson, Charles Robinson, John N. Robinson, Peter L. Robinson, Brenda Rogers, Charles Rogers, Herbert Rogers, Juanita Rogers, Sultan Rogers, Bernard Rollins, Henry Rollins, Arthur Rose, Charles Ross, James Ross, Nellie Mae Rowe, Sandra Rowe, Nancy Rowland, Winfred Russsell, Mahler Ryder, Alison Saar, Betye Saar, Charles Sallee, JoeSam., Marion Sampler, Bert Samples, Juan Sanchez, Eve Sandler, Walter Sanford, Floyd Sapp, Raymond Saunders, Augusta Savage, Ann Sawyer, Sydney Schenck, Vivian Schuyler Key, John Scott (Johnny) , John Tarrell Scott, Joyce Scott, William Scott, Charles Searles, Charles Sebree, Bernard Sepyo, Bennie Settles, Franklin Shands, Frank Sharpe, Christopher Shelton, Milton Sherrill, Thomas Sills, Gloria Simmons, Carroll Simms, Jewell Simon, Walter Simon, Coreen Simpson, Ken Simpson, Merton Simpson, William Simpson, Michael Singletary (as Singletry), Nathaniel Sirles, Margaret Slade (Kelley), Van Slater, Louis Sloan, Albert A. Smith, Alfred J. Smith, Alvin Smith, Arenzo Smith, Damballah Dolphus Smith, Floyd Smith, Frank Smith, George Smith, Howard Smith, John Henry Smith, Marvin Smith, Mary T. Smith, Sue Jane Smith, Vincent Smith, William Smith, Zenobia Smith, Rufus Snoddy, Sylvia Snowden, Carroll Sockwell, Ben Solowey, Edgar Sorrells, Georgia Speller, Henry Speller, Shirley Stark, David Stephens, Lewis Stephens, Walter Stephens, Erik Stephenson, Nelson Stevens, Mary Stewart, Renée Stout, Edith Strange, Thelma Streat, Richard Stroud, Dennis Stroy, Charles Suggs, Sharon Sulton, Johnnie Swearingen, Earle Sweeting, Roderick Sykes, Clarence Talley, Ann Tanksley, Henry O. Tanner, James Tanner, Ralph Tate, Carlton Taylor, Cecil Taylor, Janet Taylor Pickett, Lawrence Taylor, William (Bill) Taylor, Herbert Temple, Emerson Terry, Evelyn Terry, Freida Tesfagiorgis, Alma Thomas, Charles Thomas, James "Son Ford" Thomas, Larry Erskine Thomas, Matthew Thomas, Roy Thomas, William Thomas (a.k.a. Juba Solo), Conrad Thompson, Lovett Thompson, Mildred Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Bob Thompson, Russ Thompson, Dox Thrash, Mose Tolliver, William Tolliver, Lloyd Toone, John Torres, Elaine Towns, Bill Traylor, Charles Tucker, Clive Tucker, Yvonne Edwards Tucker, Charlene Tull, Donald Turner, Leo Twiggs, Alfred Tyler, Anna Tyler, Barbara Tyson Mosley, Bernard Upshur, Jon Urquhart, Florestee Vance, Ernest Varner, Royce Vaughn, George Victory, Harry Vital, Ruth Waddy, Annie Walker, Charles Walker, Clinton Walker, Earl Walker, Lawrence Walker, Raymond Walker [a.k.a. Bo Walker], William Walker, Bobby Walls, Daniel Warburg, Eugene Warburg, Denise Ward-Brown, Evelyn Ware, Laura Waring, Masood Ali Warren, Horace Washington, James Washington, Mary Washington, Timothy Washington, Richard Waters, James Watkins, Curtis Watson, Howard Watson, Willard Watson, Richard Waytt, Claude Weaver, Stephanie Weaver, Clifton Webb, Derek Webster, Edward Webster, Albert Wells, James Wells, Roland Welton, Barbara Wesson, Pheoris West, Lamonte Westmoreland, Charles White, Cynthia White, Franklin White, George White, J. Philip White, Jack White (sculptor), Jack White (painter), John Whitmore, Jack Whitten, Garrett Whyte, Benjamin Wigfall, Bertie Wiggs, Deborah Wilkins, Timothy Wilkins, Billy Dee Williams, Chester Williams, Douglas Williams, Frank Williams, George Williams, Gerald Williams, Jerome Williams, Jose Williams, Laura Williams, Matthew Williams, Michael K. Williams, Pat Ward Williams, Randy Williams, Roy Lee Williams, Todd Williams, Walter Williams, William T. Williams, Yvonne Williams, Philemona Williamson, Stan Williamson, Luster Willis, A. B. Wilson, Edward Wilson, Ellis Wilson, Fred Wilson, George Wilson, Henry Wilson, John Wilson, Stanley C. Wilson, Linda Windle, Eugene Winslow, Vernon Winslow, Cedric Winters, Viola Wood, Hale Woodruff, Roosevelt Woods, Shirley Woodson, Beulah Woodard, Bernard Wright, Dmitri Wright, Estella Viola Wright, George Wright, Richard Wyatt, Frank Wyley, Richard Yarde, James Yeargans, Joseph Yoakum, Bernard Young, Charles Young, Clarence Young, Kenneth Young, Milton Young.

Black Artists in Oakland.
Charleston (SC): Arcadia Publishing, 2007.
127 pp., illus., bibliog., index [including only two items on the visual arts - Samella Lewis's seminal publications of the early '70s.] The "artists" (each of whom receives an average of two sentences) encompass everything from playwrights, string quartets and jazz to African drummers and graffiti artists. A so-called "overview" the book does not provide a history or a starting point for further investigation on those artists listed in the very incomplete index. No research, no interviews with visual artists, no new information. The important Bay Area Black Artists Group (BABA] is particularly shortshrifted. Approximately 25 visual artists appear in a captioned photograph: Casper Banjo, David Bradford, Claude Clark, Sr., Claude Lockhart Clark, Bob Colescott, Melvyn Ettrick, Marie Johnson-Callaway, Arthur Monroe, Ted Pontiflet, Marlon Riggs, Raymond Saunders, Morrie Turner, Kamau Amen-Ra, Ernie Barnes, Emory Douglas, Violet Fields, James Gayles, Anne Maria Hardeman, Ben Hazzard, Mildred Howard, Woody Johnson, Marvin McMillan, JoeSam. Another 1981 photograph (taken at the opening of a Romare Bearden exhibition) includes: De Leon Harrison, Melvin Etterick, David Bradford, Arthur Monroe, Violet Fields, Jimi Evans, Ray Holbert, Mildred Howard, Romare Bearden, Woody Johnson. A few others appear in separate photos - Mike Henderson, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Leslie Stradford. Mention of Marvin H. McMillan. 8vo (24 cm.; 9.2 x 6.5 in.), wraps.