DeVan, Justine. (active Chicago, IL, 1970s)

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Chicago (IL). 41st Street and Drexel Ave.
CALVIN JONES: A Time to Unite.
Mural painted by Mitchell Caton, Calvin Jones, Justine DeVan, and assistants. The time on the clock at the center is the Bicentennial, and the mural combines motifs and styles of African and Black American culture with scenes of human solidarity.


Community Murals: The People's Art.
Philadelphia: Art Alliance Press, 1984.
516 pp., color and b&w illus., index of artists and titles. Numerous Chicano, Latino and African American artists included. Excellent survey and important record, particularly of those murals that have been destroyed. Among the African American artists mentioned are Sylvia Abernathy, Charles Alston, Art Workers Coalition, Curtis Barnes, Romare Bearden, John Biggers, David P. Bradford, Bruce Brice, James Brown, Jr., Mitchell Caton, Elizabeth Catlett, Dana Chandler, Dewey Crumpler, Alonzo Davis, Charles Davis, Justine DeVan, Aaron Douglas, Emory Douglas, Sharon Dunn, Eugene Eda, Vanita Green, David Hammons, Nathan Hoskins, Truman Johnson, Calvin Jones, Jack Jordan, Jacob Lawrence, Samella Lewis, Don McIlvaine, Lev Mills, Arthur Monroe, John Outterbridge, James Padgett, Elliott Pinkney, Gary Rickson, John Riddle, Nelson Stevens, Richard Thomas, William Walker, Horace Washington, Charles White, Hale Woodruff, Clarence Wood. Stout 4to, cloth, d.j. First ed.

Toward a People's Art: The Contemporary Mural Movement.
New York: E.P. Dutton, 1998.
xxviii, 292 pp., 114 b&w illus., 23 color plates, bibliog., index. Foreword to 1977 edition by Jean Charlot; foreword to 1998 edition by Lucy R. Lippard; intro. Ben Keppel; new author's foreword; afterword Timothy W. Drescher. Excellent survey of the contemporary mural movement in the early '70s written by two artists and a sociologist. An important record of the history of community involved art in America. Much of the work discussed is by African American, Latino and Chicano artists. African American artists include: John Pitman Weber, William Walker, Mitchell Caton, Justine DeVan, Eugene Eda, Doug Williams, Vanita Green, Turtel Onli, Robert Sengstacke, Adele Seronde, Dana Chandler, Gary Rickson, Al Smith, Chuck Milles, James Brown, Roy Cato, Jr., Sharon Dunn, Jim Higgins, Faith Ringgold, Nelson Stevens, Dewey Crumpler, Janet Henry, Keithen Carter, John Robinson, William T. Williams, Clarence Wood, Donald McIlvaine, Mirna Weaver, Eliot Hunter, Jeff Donaldson, Edward Christmas, Carolyn Lawrence, Roy Lewis, Wadsworth Jarrell, Wyatt T. Walker, Will Hancock, Florence Hawkins, Barbara Jones, Darryl Colror, Billy Abernathy, Jr., Norman Perris. Brett Cook-Dizney, Calvin Jones, Clement Roach, Clarence Talley, Sylvia Abernathy, Carleton Baxter, Marie Burton, Elaine Jarrell, Noni Olabisi. 8vo, wraps. Reprint of 1977 ed. with additional foreword.

PHILADELPHIA (PA). Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum.
The People's Art: Black Murals, 1967-1978.
N.d. (1986).
Unpag. (39 pp.) exhib. cat., 15 illus. in color and sepia, bibliog., list of works (mostly in Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston). Texts by Reginald Butler, Jeff Donaldson and Geneva Smitherman Donaldson, Ronald G. Walters. Information on murals made by: William Walker, Mitchell Caton, Sylvia Abernathy, Mirna Weaver, Eliot Hunter, Jeff Donaldson, Edward Christmas, Carolyn Lawrence, Roy Lewis, Norman Parish, Wadsworth Jarrell, Wyatt T. Walker, Will Hancock, Florence Hawkins, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Darryl Colror, Willy Abernathy, Jr., Robert Sengstacke, Curly Elison (a.k.a. Maurice Ellison?), Darrell Cowherd, Eugene Eda, John Weber, Calvin Jones, Justine DeVan, Dewey Crumpler, Sharon Dunn, Richard Watson, Nelson Stevens, Babatunde, Walter Edmonds, Elliott Knight, Dana Chandler. Oblong 4to (23 x 31 cm.), stapled wraps.

Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride: African American Murals.
San Francisco: Pomegranate Communications, 2003.
242 pp., approx. 225 color plates throughout, notes, bibliog., artist biogs., index. Texts by Floyd Coleman and Michael D. Harris. Covers the African American mural movement from the 1967 Wall of Respect (Chicago), Wall of Dignity (1968, Detroit) to the 1990s, representing over 200 urban murals from New York to Los Angeles, Milwaukee to Atlanta. (Obviously many communities' murals were omitted.) Photographers include Robert A. Sengstacke, et al. Artists include: A One, Darrell Anderson, Dietrich Adonis, Ta-Coumba Aiken, Marcus Akinlana, Charles Alston, Apex, Jean Michel Basquiat, John Biggers, Romare Bearden, Brad Bernard, John T. Biggers, Willie Birch, Blade, Betty Blayton, Edythe Boone, Michael Borders, David Bradford, Bruce Brice, Elmer Brown, Carole Byard, Carla Carr, Alvin Carter, Mitchell Caton, Dana Chandler, Edward Christmas, Chris Clark, Melvin W. Clark, Kevin Cole, Houston Conwill, Brett Cook-Dizney, Anthony Cox, Dewey S. Crumpler, Adrienne Cruz, Alonzo Davis, Charles Vincent Davis, Charles Davis, Senay Dennis, Justine Devan, Therman Dillard, Jeff Donaldson, Aaron Douglas, Robert Duncanson, Sharon Dunn, Eugene Eda, Eddie Edwards, Melvin Edwards, John Feagin, John Fisher, Leroy Foster, Walker Foster, Franco [Franklin Gaskin], Charles Freeman, Robert Gayton, Stephanie George, Jimmie James Greene, Paul Goodnight, Bernard Goss, Edwin A. Harleston, Michael D. Harris, Vertis Hayes, Jessie Holliman, Nathan Hoskins, John W. Howard, Jean Paul Hubbard, Henry Hudson, Clementine Hunter, Eliot Hunter, Arnold Hurley, Wadsworth Jarrell, Amos Johnson, Jerome Johnson, Sargent Johnson, Calvin Jones, Frederick D. Jones, Lawrence A. Jones, Seitu Jones, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Jack Jordan, Akinsanya Kambon, Kase2, John A. Kendrick, Shyaam Khufu, Doyle Lane, Jacob Lawrence, Charlotte Lewis, Samella Lewis, Jon Onye Lockard, John Lutz, Pontella Mason, Alvin McCray, Charles W. McGee, Allie McGhee, Don McIlvaine, Willie Middlebrook, Aaron D. Miller, Don Miller, Bernice Montgomery, Archibald Motley, Noe (Melvin Henry Samuels, Jr.), Ras Ammar Nsoroma, Noni Olabisi, Maude Owens, James Padgett, Jameel Parker, Vera Parks, James Pate, Alice Patrick, James Phillips, Howardena Pindell, Elliott Pinkney, Arleen Polite, Georgette Powell, Refa (Senay Dennis), Toby Richards, Earle Richardson, Gary Rickson, John Riddle, John A. Robinson (same as John N.), Sano I (Ayumi Chisolm), John T. Scott, William Edouard Scott, Charles Searles, Isaka Shamsud-Din, Mel Simmons, John Sims, Kiela Songhay Smith, Vincent Smith, Nina Smoot-Cain, Spon, Charles Stallings, A. G. Joe Stephenson, Nelson Stevens, Roderick Sykes, Dorian Sylvain, Spencer Taylor, Richard C. Thomas, Louis Vaughn, Vulcan, William (Bill) Walker, WANE, Horace Washington, Richard Watson, C. Siddha Sila Webber, Charles White, Ian White, Bernard Williams, Caleb Williams, Keith Williams, William T. Williams, Hale Woodruff, John Yancey, Terrance Yancey, Bernard Young, et al. (Originally exhibited at the University Art Gallery, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA, the exhibition as presented in the CAC Gallery, Cambridge City Hall Annex, Cambridge, MA included several Boston muralists not in the original exhibition: Dana Chandler, Paul Goodnight, Jameel Parker, and Gary Rickson.]. Oblong 4to (9.3 x 12.25 in.), cloth, d.j. with CD-ROM. Enlarged edition.