Spencer, Robert. (b. Clemson, SC, 1954; active Clemson, SC, 2008)

Bibliography and Exhibitions


Pickens (SC). Pickens County Museum of Art.
The Art & Poetry of ROBERT SPENCER.
September 13-November 13, 2008.
Solo exhibition.


ATLANTA (GA). Atlanta Life Insurance Co.
The Tenth Annual Atlanta Life National Art Competition and Exhibition.
February-March, 1990.
Group exhibition. Jurors: Camille Billops, Curtis Patterson, Elizabeth Catlett (appointed but too ill to serve), Jesse Hill, Jr. Artists exhibited include: Amalia Amaki, William Anderson (purchase award), Kwabena Ampofo-Anti, Joy Ballard-Peters (purchase award), Garry Biggs, Jacqueline Bontemps, Willie Buchanan (purchase award), Harriet Buckley, Michael Bynum, Anthony Cammack, Carol Carter, April Chartrand, Kevin Cole, William Cooper, Andy Cunningham, Jr., Walt Davis, Willis [Bing] Davis, Louis Delsarte, Robert Dilworth, Chuck Douglas, William Duffy (purchase award), Ed Dwight, Herbert Edwards, Kenneth Falana (printmaking purchase award), Robert Foster, Devery Freeman (purchase award), Eddie Granderson, Karl Hall, Reynaldo Hernandez, Vandorn Hinnant (purchase award), Raymond Holbert, Robin Holder (purchase award), Charnelle Holloway, Charles Holmes (purchase award), Stefanie Jackson, Walter James, Rosalyn Johnson, Ted Jones, Carolyn Martin, Robert Martin, Toby Martin (purchase award), Valerie Maynard (purchase award), Oscar McNary, Jerome Meadows, Ben Mercer, Eleanor Merritt, Gary L. Moore, Velma Morris (purchase award), Freddy Norman, Joseph Norman (purchase award), James Padgett, T. Maurice Pennington, Lonnie Powell, Valerie Respress, John Riddle, Jr., Hilda Robinson, Laverne Ross, Thom Shaw, Mariah Spann, Robert Spencer, Roy Vinson Thomas, Darlene Tyree (purchase award), Lamonte Westmoreland (purchase award), Cynthia White, Lavon Van Williams, Jr., Gilberto Wilson, Winston Wingo, Aundreta Wright, Theresa Young. Listings for Current Art Collection by year of acquisition include: 1980--Jerome B. Meadows, Elizabeth Catlett, William Duffy, James B. Pasley, George Balams, Phillip Hampton, Tina Dunkley, Michael Cummings, Thom Shaw, Robert Martin, Mark Herring; 1980-81, Maurice Pennington, Lev Mills, Freddie Styles, John Riddle; 1981-- Arturo Lindsay, Geraldine McCullough, Kathy E. Harper, Lethia Robertson, Tina Dunkley, Bisa Washington, Terry Hunter (2), Leroy Porter, James B. Pasley, Rudolph Robinson, Roger Murphy, Ben Jones, John Riddle; 1981-82, Paul Goodnight, Robert Dilworth, Phoebe Beasley, Lev Mills, Ted Jones (2), Bing Davis, Ayokunle Odeleye; 1982--Hale Woodruff, Thom Shaw, James E. Pate, Mark E. Morse, R. Martin, Michael Harris, John T. Scott, Freddie Styles, Lamerol A. Gatewood, Robert Peppers, Evelyn Terry, Tarrance Corbin, Richard Jordan, Carlton Thornton, Geraldine McCullough; 1984--Terry Adkins, Clemon Smith (2), Ellsworth Ausby, James E. Duprée, Charles Joyner, Carol A. Carter, Joyce Wellman, William Moore, George Balams, Willie Birch, Freddie Styles, Sana Musasama, Stanley Wilson, Scott; 1985: April M Chartrand, Carol Carter, Arthur Carraway, Cynthia Hawkins, Michael D. Harris, Shaw, Leroy Johnson, Tyrone Geter, Adger Cowans, Robert Martin, Lev Mills, Walter Jackson, Andrew Cunningham, Jr., Sidney V. Barkley, Frank Toby Martin, Jewel Simon (2) [plus listed as 1981 acquisition]; 1986: Harvey L. Johnson, Gall Shaw Clemons, Allen B. Poindexter, Michael Ellison, Kenneth Falana, Kevin Hamilton, Bertrand D. Phillips, Bob Helton, John H. Brown, Susan Thompson, Tina Dunkley, Louis J. Delsarte, Robert Martin, Lamonte Westmoreland, Kevin E. Cole, Debra D. Pressley, Ulysses Marshall, Ed Hamilton, Frank Toby Martin, Sana Musasama; 1987--Carlos F. Peterson (sc), Michael Ellison, Robert Spencer, Ted Jones, Lawrence Huff, William Anderson, Otis G. Sanders, James Green (fiber artist), Pat Ward Williams, James Maceo Rodgers, Robert Martin, Roy Vinson Thomas, Dewey Crumpler, Martin Payton, Curtis Tucker; 1988--Hilda C. Robinson, James E. Pate, Louis Delsarte, Falana, Stefanie Jackson, Holder, Wadsworth Jarrell, R. V. Thomas, Floyd E. Newsum, Angela Franklin, James E. Duprée, Robin M. Chandler, Jesse Guinyard, Jr., Dewey E. Crumpler, Charnelle Holloway; 1989 -- Louis Delsarte, Chuck Douglas, Ken Falana (3) MacArthur Goodwin, Calvin Hooks, Charnelle Holloway, Stephanie Jackson, Wadsworth Jarrell, Kazi Lawrence, James Pate, Robert (Bobby) Scroggins, Vincent Smith, Richard Watson, Gloria Williams. 8vo, wraps.

CLEMSON (SC). ARTS Center and Clemson University.
State Art Collection: The African American Voice.
January 15-February 29, 2008.
Group exhibition. Curated by Harriett Green, visual arts director at the SC Arts Commission. Included: 37 works by 24-25 artists and artisans, selected from the South Carolina State Art Collection. Artists included: Tarleton Blackwell, Beverly Buchanan, Richard Burnside, Sam Doyle, Connie Floyd, Joseph Gandy, MacArthur Goodwin, Jesse Guinyard, Terry Hunter, Larry Jordan, Larry Lebby, Leroy Marshall, Dan Robert Miller, Sheri Moore, Arthur Rose, Merton Simpson, Robert Spencer, Maxwell Taylor, Leo Twiggs, Winston Wingo, along with basket weavers and sweetgrass basket weavers Mary Jackson, Linda Blake, Marguerite Middleton and Elizabeth Kinlaw. [Traveled to: Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, Hilton Head, SC, March-November 11, 2008; The Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County, Camden, SC, February 12-28, 2009; Belton Center for the Arts, January 16-February 26, 2010; Dalton Gallery, Clinton Junior College, Rock Hill, SC, October 1-December 10, 2010; USC Beaufort Art Gallery, Beaufort, SC, January 15-February 25, 2011; Black Creek Art Center, Hartsville, SC, February 7-March 28, 2013; Jones-Carter Gallery, Lake City, SC, January 31-March 22, 2014; York W. Bailey Museum at Penn Center, St. Helena, August 1-29, 2014.]

COLUMBIA (SC). Columbia Museum of Art.
Conflict and Transcendence. African-American Art in South Carolina.
August 28-December 13, 1992.
40 pp. exhib. cat., illus. Texts by Theresa S. Singleton, Thomas L. Johnson and curator Frank Martin (Context & Culture: Art, Race and Interpretive Bias in Selected Works of Contemporary African American Art from South Carolina). Artists exhibited: Dave the Potter, Edwin Harleston, Elise F. Harleston, James V. Herring, William H. Johnson, Richard Samuel Roberts, Philip Simmons, Merton Simpson, Tarleton Blackwell, Beverly Buchanan, Sam Doyle, Joseph Gandy, MacArthur Goodwin, Jonathan Green, Jesse Guinyard, James Hampton, Harry Harrison, Larry Jordan, Dan Robert Miller, Otto Neals, Colin Quashie, Arthur Rose, Robert Spencer, Maxwell Taylor, Joann Thompson, Leo Twiggs, Edward Webster, Winston Wingo. Additional artists mentioned in text: Rich Williams, Aaron Douglas, Charles Spears, Jr., Elton Fax, Edward B. Webster, Adrian Piper. [Traveled to: Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC; Florence Museum of Art and Science, May 3-July 2, 1993; Winthrop College Gallery, Rock Hill, SC; I. P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium, South Carolina State College, Orangeburg; Sumter Gallery of Art, Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC.] 4to (26 cm.), wraps. First ed.

COLUMBIA (SC). South Carolina State Museum.
100 Years/100 Artists: Views of the 20th Century in South Carolina Art.
October 29, 1999-March 19, 2000.
Group exhibition curated by six curators. Included: Tarleton Blackwell, Sam Doyle, Tom Feelings, Jonathan Green, James Hampton, Edwin A. Harleston, Mary Jackson (basketmaker), William H. Johnson, Larry Jordan, Larry Lebby, Colin Quashie, Richard Roberts, Arthur Rose, Philip Simmons, Merton D. Simpson, Robert Spencer, Leo Twiggs, Cecil J. Williams.