Ettrick, Melvyn Hamza (a.k.a. Melvin). (b. Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies; active San Francisco, CA, 2007)

Bibliography and Exhibitions


Mound Bayou.
In: Black Enterprise, Vol. 3, No. 5 (1972): 37-42 (illustrations by Ettrick.)

Kingston (Jamaica). Olympia International Art Centre.
Solo exhibition.

New York (NY). Metropolitan Applied Research Corporation.
Solo exhibition.

Oakland (CA). Hannah Street Studios.
Solo exhibition.

San Francisco (CA). Studio 743.
Solo exhibition.

Springfield (MA). Afro American Center, American International College.
Solo exhibition. [Review: Lee Sheridan, "One-Man Show to Open Afro American Center at AIC," Springfield Daily News, 1974: 1, 7.]


ASHEVILLE (NC). YMI Cultural Center.
Three African Sojourns: 25 Years of Transformation: Drawings and Paintings by Melvyn Ettrick and Photographs by Samuel Wooten.
Two-person exhibition. Curated by Lydia Matthews. The exhibition begins with watercolors made during Ettrick's first sojourn to Africa in 1971-72. Drawn with a precise descriptive line, these works focus attention on architecture and on portraits of the people he observed in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The second trip in 1977 resulted in more improvisational work made in Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal. The third African sojourn, this time spanning a three year period. On his third sojourn from 1997-2000, Ettrick accompanied Samuel Wooten, a French-born, multi-lingual African American photographer, traveling through Mali, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Egypt and Morocco. See extensive interview with both artists and images at http://www.helloari.com/~melvyn/interview.html.

BOSTON (MA). Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists.
Black Artists in New England I & II.
June 16-July 3, 1971.
Group exhibition of approximately 134 works. Part I: Richard Allen, Ellen Banks, Theodore Barco, William C. Broadus, Pat Clark, Joseph De Cruz, John S. Edmund, Melvyn Ettrick, Robert Freeman, Tommy Gibbs, Chickie Glover, Paul Goodnight, William Hagbourne, Arnold J. Horcey, James Edward Jackson, III, Delores Johnson, Harriet Kennedy, James C. McMillan, John H. Nichols, Vasco R.A. Pires, Aliayo Pryor, Shaifo Pryor, Carl Richardson, Gary Rickson, Ronald A. Roland, Taura Sharif, Lovett Thompson, Robert William Thornell, Melvyn D. Tylfen, Ken Williams. Simon Wiltz. Part II: Richard Allen, Dorothy Anderson, Edward Battle, Dan Bolling, Richard Boman, Calvin Burnett, Chester A. Dames, Clarence Leroy Hinds, Stinson (?), Wilson Hunt, Jr., Edith M. Ingram, Carrie Jackson, Sandy Middlebrooks, Robert C. Pitts, Thom Shepard, Gregory Tidwell, Melvin D. Tyler, Clarence Washington, Henry Washington, John Wilson.

KINGSTON (Jamaica). Gallery Barrington.
Contemporary 12.
Group exhibition. Included: Melvyn Ettrick.

LAGOS (Nigeria). National Museum and Theatre Gallery.
Second World Black and African Festival of Art and Culture [FESTAC 77].
January 15-February 12, 1977.
64 pp. exhib. cat. Group exhibition. American participants included: Adger Cowans, Tyrone Mitchell, Gordon Parks, Noah Purifoy, Faith Ringgold, Haywood "Bill" Rivers, Charles Searles, Vincent Smith, William T. Williams, Melvyn Ettrick (representing Jamaica). Also included: Dudley Charles (Guyana), Gizaw Tadesse, Mesfin Tadesse, Cherenet Tassew, and thousands of other participants. [Reviews: African Arts Vol. 11, Issue 1 (October 1977); Black Scholar 9, 1 (September, 1977):34-37; and a recent evaluation by Denis Ekpo, "Culture and Modernity Since Expo '77," in Afropolis: City/Media/Art:149-157.]

Black Enterprise Magazine Invitational.
July-September, 1976.
Group exhibition. Included: Melvyn Ettrick, Fern Logan, et al.

NEW YORK (NY). New York Cultural Center.
Blacks: USA: 1973.
September 26-November 15, 1973.
28 pp. exhib. cat., 20 b&w illus., checklist of approx. 100 works by 42 artists. Intro. Mario Amaya; text by artist Benny Andrews. Excellent reference to many of the leading African American artists of the '60s and early '70s. Includes work by Roland Ayers, Ellen Banks, Camille Billops, Kay Brown, Vivian Browne, Carole Byard, Art Carraway, Dana Chandler, Art Coppedge, Melvyn Ettrick, Frederick J. Eversley, Reginald Gammon, Palmer Hayden, Ben Hazard, Leon Hicks, Manuel Hughes, Suzanne Jackson, Marie Johnson-Callaway, Ben Jones, Stephanie Jones, Cliff Joseph, Robert Jerden, Kassan (a.k.a. Joseph Washington), Jacob Lawrence, Al Loving, Richard Mayhew, Valerie Maynard, Ademola Olugebefola, James Phillips, Howardena Pindell, Leslie K. Price, Mahler Ryder, Betye Saar, Raymond Saunders, Vincent Smith, John Steptoe, Nelson Stevens, Russel Thompson, William Travis, Charles White, Hale Woodruff. The first major exhibition of Black art chosen by an all-Black jury. 4to (11 x 8.5 in.), wraps. First ed.

OAKLAND (CA). Oakland Museum of Art.
Homage Dieter Rot.
Group exhibition. Included: Melvyn Ettrick.

SAN FRANCISCO (CA). Luggage Store.
No War.
December 6, 2003-January 11, 2005.
70 artists. Curated by Adriane Colburn, laurie lazer & Darryl Smith. Included: Frederick Hayes, Leslie K. Price/Melvyn Ettrick collaboration.

SANTA FE (NM). Firestone Art Space.
Group exhibition. Included: Melvyn Ettrick.

SANTA FE (NM). Museum of Fine Arts.
New Mexico 93.
Group exhibition. Juried by Daniel Martinez. Included: Melvyn Ettrick.

ST. ANDREW (Jamaica). John Peartree Gallery.
Four Men Drawing at the Peartree Gallery.
December 8-31, 1976.
Group exhibition. Included: Melvyn Ettrick.

Amigos Bravos Annual.
Group exhibition. Included: Melvyn Ettrick.

Black Artists in Oakland.
Charleston (SC): Arcadia Publishing, 2007.
127 pp., illus., bibliog., index [including only two items on the visual arts - Samella Lewis's seminal publications of the early '70s.] The "artists" (each of whom receives an average of two sentences) encompass everything from playwrights, string quartets and jazz to African drummers and graffiti artists. A so-called "overview" the book does not provide a history or a starting point for further investigation on those artists listed in the very incomplete index. No research, no interviews with visual artists, no new information. The important Bay Area Black Artists Group (BABA] is particularly shortshrifted. Approximately 25 visual artists appear in a captioned photograph: Casper Banjo, David Bradford, Claude Clark, Sr., Claude Lockhart Clark, Bob Colescott, Melvyn Ettrick, Marie Johnson-Callaway, Arthur Monroe, Ted Pontiflet, Marlon Riggs, Raymond Saunders, Morrie Turner, Kamau Amen-Ra, Ernie Barnes, Emory Douglas, Violet Fields, James Gayles, Anne Maria Hardeman, Ben Hazzard, Mildred Howard, Woody Johnson, Marvin McMillan, JoeSam. Another 1981 photograph (taken at the opening of a Romare Bearden exhibition) includes: De Leon Harrison, Melvin Etterick, David Bradford, Arthur Monroe, Violet Fields, Jimi Evans, Ray Holbert, Mildred Howard, Romare Bearden, Woody Johnson. A few others appear in separate photos - Mike Henderson, Mary Lovelace O'Neal, Leslie Stradford. Mention of Marvin H. McMillan. 8vo (24 cm.; 9.2 x 6.5 in.), wraps.