Pettway, Joanna. (Boykin, AL, 1924-Boykin, AL, 1993)

Bibliography and Exhibitions



Gee's Bend: The Women and their Quilts.
Atlanta: Tinwood Books, 2002.
432 pp., color plates (many full-page), notes, bibliog., index of artists, general index (including quilt pattern names). Foreword by Peter Marzio; intro. Alvia Wardlaw, texts by John Beardsley, William and Paul Arnett, Jane Livingston. A great deal of the text, however, are the stories told by the women themselves, from interviews with Matthew Arnett, William Arnett, Mary McCarthy, and several others, mostly conducted from 1999-2002. Published in conjunction with the traveling exhibition The Quilts of Gee's Bend, but this is a different, larger and more comprehensive publication, vastly superior to the book by that name. The quilts are from the William Arnett Collection of the Tinwood Alliance. 136 women quiltmakers of Rehoboth and Gee's Bend included: Nellie Mae Abrams, Ma Willie Abrams, Annie Bendolph, Ella Bendolph, Indiana Bendolph, Louisiana Bendolph, Mary Lee Bendolph, Agatha Bennett, Amelia Bennett, Delia Bennett, Linda Diane Bennett, Margaret Bennett, Mary L. Bennett, Polly Mooney Bennett, Maggie Benning, Sarah Benning, Willie Ann Benning, Della Mae Bridges, Elizabeth Carson, Virginia Carson, Minder Coleman, Minnie Sue Coleman, Ruby Gamble, Rachel Corey George, Eddie Leo P. Green, Josie Lee Hall, Pearly Pettway Hall, Gloria Hoppins, America Irby, Ella Mae Irby, Rebecca Myles Jones, Sally Bennett Jones, Clementine Parker Kennedy, Lavinia Kennedy, Mary Elizabeth Kennedy, Moultree Kennedy, Nettie Jane Kennedy, Ruth Kennedy, Seebell Kennedy, Lizzie Major, Nazareth Major, Helen McCloud, Ora McDaniels, Gertrude Miller, Lucy Mingo, Lottie Mooney, Lucy Mooney, Mary Mooney, Flora Moore, Aolar C. Mosely, Jeanette Mosely, Patsy Mosely, Rivel Mosely (as Revil), Ruth P. Mosely, Virginia Mosely, China Grove Myles, Sadie Bell Nelson, Addie Pearl Nicholson, Mertline Perkins, Allie Pettway, Annette Pettway, Annie Bell Pettway, Annie E. Pettway, Arcola Pettway, Arie Pettway, Arlonzia Pettway, Beatrice Pettway, Belinda Pettway, Candis Pettway, Cherokee Parker Pettway, China Pettway, City Pettway, Creola Pettway, Emma Mae Hall Pettway, Essie Bendolph Pettway, Daisy Pettway, Giogianna Pettway, Henrietta Pettway, Indiana Bendolph Pettway, Jennie Pettway, Jessie T. Pettway, Joanna Pettway, Joerina Pettway, Laureen C. Pettway, Leola Pettway, Lilie Mae Pettway, Linda Pettway, Lola Pettway, Loretta Pettway, Lorraine Pettway, Lottie Pettway, Louella C. Pettway, Lucy P. Pettway, Lucy T. (Lunky) Pettway, Lutisha Pettway, Malissia Pettway, Marie Pettway, Martha Jane Pettway, Mary Ann Bendolph Pettway, Mary Lisa Pettway, Mensie Lee Pettway, Missouri Pettway, Nellie Pettway, Nellie Mae Pettway, Nell Parker Pettway, Pearlie Irby Pettway, Pearlie Kennedy Pettway, Pleasant Pettway, Plummer T. Pettway, Prissy Pettway, Qunnie Pettway, Rita Mae Pettway, Stella Mae Pettway, Sweet T. Pettway, Virginia Pettway, Mattie Ross, Bettie Bendolph Seltzer, Sue Willie Seltzer, Florine Smith, Mary Spencer, Fannie T. Westbrook, Gearldine Westbrook, Hannah Wilcox, Andrea Williams, Irene Williams, Liza Jane Williams, Nell Hall Williams, Patty Ann Williams, Magdalene Wilson, Estelle Witherspoon, Lucy P. Witherspoon, Annie Mae Pettway Young, Callie Young, Deborah Pettway Young, Ethel Young, Nettie Young. 4to (13.4 x 11.6 in.), cloth, d.j. First ed.

Afro-American folk art and crafts.
Boston: G.K. Hall & Co., 1983.
436 pp., illus., notes, brief bibliogs., index, filmography. Numerous articles by different historians (on blacksmiths, sculpture, quiltmaking, basketry, ceramics, instrument makers, and other media) including Robert Farris Thompson, Roland L. Freeman, John Michael Vlach, Marie Jeanne Adams, Maude Southwell Wahlman, Dana J. Epstein, David Evans, Elizabeth Mosby Adler, Gerald L. Davis, Mary Twining, and John A. Burrison (on African American pottery.) Also contains several interviews with artists including important interview by William Ferris with quiltmaker Pecolia Warner. [Reprinted by Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1983.] 8vo (25 cm.)

OXFORD (MS). Center for The Study of Southern Culture, The University of Mississippi.
Ten Afro-American Quilters: featuring Mozell Benson, Arester Earl, Johanna Pettway, Martha Jane Pettway, Plummer Pettway, Susie Ponds, Pearlie Posey, Sarah Mary Taylor, Lucinda Toomer, Pecolia Warner.
30 pp. exhib. cat., portraits of the artists, color illus., bibliog. Curated and text by Maude Southwell Wahlman and Ella King Torrey. Featuring Mozell Benson, Arester Earl, Johanna Pettway, Martha Jane Pettway, Plummer Pettway, Susie Ponds, Pearlie Posey, Sarah Mary Taylor, Lucinda Toomer, Pecolia Warner. [Republished in 1985 in English and in French edition as Dix Quilteuses Afro-Americaines (Centre d'etude de la culture du Sud.] 4to (28 x 11 cm.), wraps. First ed.

TRENTON (NJ). New Jersey State Museum.
Dream Singers, Story Tellers: An African-American Presence.
August 7, 1993-March 7, 1994.
238 pp, exhib. cat., 72 color and 102 b&w illus. Dual lang. text in English and Japanese. Exhibition curated by Allison Weld, Sadao Serikawa and James Smalls. 33 artists including: Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mozell Benson, Hawkins Bolden, David Butler, Willie Cole, Emilio Cruz, Thornton Dial, Melvin Edwards, William Edmondson, Melvin Edwards, Minnie Evans, Ralph Griffin, Bessie Harvey, Gerald Hawkes, Lonnie Holley, Frank Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Norman Lewis, Glenn Ligon, Tyrone Mitchell, John L. Moore, Joe Overstreet, Joanna Pettway, Martha Jane Pettway, Plummer Pettway, Philadelphia Wireman, Adrian Piper, Faith Ringgold, Lorna Simpson, Bill Traylor, William T. Williams, Joseph Yoakum. [Traveled to: Fukui Fine Art Museum, Fuki, Japan, November 6-December 6, 1992; Takushima Modern Art Museum, Takushima, Japan, January 23-March 7, 1993; Otani Memorial Art Museum, Otani, Japan, April 10-May 9, 1993.] 4to, wraps, pictorial d.j. First ed.

Signs and Symbols: African Images in African American Quilts.
New York: Studio Books and Museum of American Folk Art, 1993.
134 pp., 183 illus. (all but a few are in excellent color), photos of artists, glossary, scholarly notes, extensive bibliog. Chapters organized by topic: Aesthetic Traditions, Applique Traditions, Tracing Religious Symbols, Protective Charms, Contemporary Trends. An important piece of fascinating scholarly work published here in a visually attractive form. Artists include: Gladys-Marie Fry, Cuesta Benberry, Eli Leon, Mozell Benson, Arester Earl, Nora Ezell, Alean Pearson, Leola Pettway, Martha Jane Pettway, Plummer T. Pettway, Joanna Pettway, Pecolia Warner, Pearlie Posey, Sarah Mary Taylor, Nora Ezell, Lucinda Toomer, Yvonne Wells, Jesse Lane, Wini McQueen, Joyce Scott, Faith Ringgold, Mary Maxtion. 4to (28 cm.), cloth, d.j. First ed. (Also in revised edition Atlanta, Tinwood Books, 2001).